Our Story

Le Loop's Brooklyn-based founder and new mother Steffi first fell in love with smartphone necklaces while traveling abroad during the pandemic - 'handykettes' were everywhere. She immediately understood the brilliant utility of phone cases with straps and thus decided to design iPhone necklaces stateside.

What sets Le Loop apart from other phone necklaces?
Le Loop's mission is to offer durable iPhone necklaces sustainably manufactured from biodegradable materials in eco-friendly packaging.

Our phone cases and cord loops are manufactured as one sturdy, molded shock-absorbing unit. Lower-priced competitors use cheap metal jump rings that break open or rip through the phone case. If your phone necklace catches on anything, their cost-cutting design flaw fails to keep your phone from tumbling to the ground.

Strap Le Loop around your neck, shoulder, or across your body. Say goodbye to cracked screens and never fumble for a photo or a call again.